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upBEat Triber | Gina Tate

Gina Marie Tate, aged 40 joined our tribe in January 2019, to help give her support on her weight loss journey after having her 4th child. She pretty quickly felt the support of the tribe. She feels like she has finally gotten her groove back with the motivation and inspiration of the upBEat tribe! 

"I love the positivity and support of all the members. Gina B is quick to reply to our questions and concerns. I finally feel like I'm moving forward on this journey!"

Gina's #upBEattribe Journey

Why did you start your health journey?

My journey actually started about 7Years ago. After I had my 3rd baby I lost 150lbs. In 2016 I had a miscarriage and gained about 20lbs. Shortly after that I got pregnant again. I had my 4th baby in August of 2017. I gained about 80lbs with him. This part of my journey is about finding balance and finding what works for this different, more "mature" body.

How did you find UTTB and what impact has it had on your health journey?

A friend invited me to the tribe. Being part of the tribe has been so encouraging! Everyone is very positive. There is so much support. I look forward to everyone's checkins each day and look forward to checking in each day.

My Favourite #upBEattribe Workout?

Boosted Country Walk!!!

What wins I’ve celebrated (scale and non-scale victories)?

My energy levels are up! My jeans are going on smoother. My flexibility has increased and I'm able to do some stretches I wasn't before.

A piece of advice I can offer to someone starting their fitness journey is...

My favourite advice would be Gina B's "5 minutes to win the day" rule! Just get up and do 5 minutes and see how you feel! More often than not you end up doing more than that! Also, stay the course. Even if you aren't seeing the results the way you want on the outside, the benefits to your health and fitness are worth it! You will never reach your goals if you quit!

Social Media Handle(s)

FB: @Gina Marie Tate 


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