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48 year old Texan Alex always struggled with weight and as she got older,  she was getting comfortable not moving her body , living a very sedentary lifestyle. At one point she surpassed 400 lbs but usually averaged about 360, while also struggling with diabetes and high blood pressure. She lost weight several years ago on a program but it did not include exercise so she felt weak and soon gained it all back. January 2019 she came across UTTB while looking for fun dance workouts, and never looked back!

"Since January 2019 I have been eating healthy and doing your workouts. We have added lots of stretching and yoga as well. I am now under 300 lbs for the first time in forever plus I feel STRONG!"

Alex’s #upBEattribe Journey

Why did you start your health journey?

My kids are very active so that is part of my motivation. Plus I want to be in their lives for a long time to come. It was getting to the point where we wouldn't do much because of my lack of mobility. We are changing that!

How did you find UTTB and what impact has it had on your health journey?

I came across UTTB while looking for workouts that included fun moves and music. It's that part that keeps me going. I love that the workouts use real songs. The dance parts challenge me and keep me focused. I feel so good afterwards that I look forward to the next time.

My Favourite #upBEattribe Workout?

So far the New Year workout especially since it uses "Don't Stop Me Now" right at the moment when you are most tired. It pushes you to keep going.

What wins I’ve celebrated (scale and non-scale victories)?

 I am now under 300 lbs for the first time in forever plus I feel STRONG! I now only have to take half of the medications I used to take. I believe the doctor will eventually be able to remove all medications. My blood sugar and blood pressure are controlled. I can now be on the floor. That may not sound like much but I never used to be able to be on the floor. If I did, I had to lean on a wall and my oldest son had to help me up. Now I can get up and down easily. I can do so much that would surprise people. I am more active in daily life which means I am a better help to my wife and able to do more with my kids. I have a long way to go. It will take time but I want to get completely off my meds. I want to one day get to 180 lbs. I want to eventually try ballroom dancing and even Taekwondo. 

A piece of advice I can offer to someone starting their fitness journey is...

It’s definitely a journey and a lifestyle change, so don't be discouraged.  You'll mess up. It's ok. Tomorrow is a new day, so keep on keeping on!

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