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upBEat Triber | Amy Quigley

Amy Quigley, aged 34 joined our tribe in January 2019, to help motivate her to fall back in love with movement. Instead of tolerating exercise, UTTB made working out something to look forward to for Amy. She quickly became a valued community member, offering support to everyone along with her warm, positive energy. “UTTB was a game changer for my fitness routine,” Amy admits.

"Non scale victory: I haven't fit this jeans since probably 2016 when I was at my lowest of 149 lbs. Ecstatic is an understatement. 😁😁😁"

Amy’s #upBEattribe Journey

Why did you start your health journey?

I've been working on getting in better shape for the last several years. I would make progress but then get burned out or bored with my workouts. Then I found Gina. 😁 I want to live my best life and in order to do that I have to do my best to take care of myself with a lifestyle I can maintain consistently.

How did you find UTTB and what impact has it had on your health journey?

I found UTTB at the beginning of this year and it was a complete game changer for my fitness routine. No longer did I begrudgingly go to workout, I looked forward to working out because Gina B made it not only tolerable but FUN! I do her walks or her walking style daily.

My Favourite #upBEattribe Workout?

I love the decades walks

What wins I’ve celebrated (scale and non-scale victories)?

I've lost weight and gained more confidence than ever before.

A piece of advice I can offer to someone starting their fitness journey is...

Go easy on yourself. Real change doesn't happen overnight. Positive body changes are worth the effort and the work. Be patient with yourself.

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