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upBEat Triber | Haylee Joyce

A single mother based in Melbourne, Australia, Haylee joined the upBEat tribe in May 2019, at the heaviest she had ever been. She finally faced the reality of her situation, and worked hard to overcome emotional eating and get fit and healthy. The UTTB workout videos have helped her to lose 12kg - and learning about habit change has helped her to keep it off! She wants to make sure that she is healthy and fit for her daughter - to lead as a good example for her!

We only get what we give but we also need to remember to have fun doing it! Which is exactly what these workouts are about.

Haylee's #upBEattribe Journey

Why did you start your health journey?

My name is Haylee and I am a 26 year old single mother to a little girl. I have always fluctuated in weight but remained relatively thin. In April 2018 my mother passed away so I relocated to Melbourne, Australia to help take care of my father. All of this caused me a lot of depression which resulted in weight gain. I was eating my feelings and not facing reality what so ever. Then in May 2019 at the heaviest I had ever been, 96kg I thought enough is enough. I have successfully and healthily lost 12kg with a combination of exercise with this channel and remaining in a caloric deficit. Working out has also helped me quit a 15 year cigarette habit. I did all of this for my daughter. To lead a good example for her.

How did you find UTTB and what impact has it had on your health journey?

I found the channel in my suggestions on YouTube. I had tried many different YouTube workouts in the past but they were all so bleak that I just couldn’t stick to anything. This channel has changed my life and helped me lose 12kg currently! I enjoy every workout from start to finish and the minutes just fly past without you even noticing because it’s just that much fun!

My Favourite #upBEattribe Workout?

My favourite at the moment is the ABBA workout!

What wins I’ve celebrated (scale and non-scale victories)?

I have lost 12kg on the scales. I have also started fitting into clothes that I never thought would fit me again again having my daughter! But the biggest achievement for me is that eating a balanced diet and making sure I workout with this channel at least once a day has benefited not only my physical but my mental health also. Happy body, happy mind!

A piece of advice I can offer to someone starting their fitness journey is...

If there is one thing I would love for people to know who are starting out on there fitness journey is to not be so hard on yourself, but also hold yourself accountable. 

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