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upBEat Triber | Irene

An avid outdoor walker and runner, 44 year old Irene found UTTB when winter descended and she was unable to continue her outdoor workouts. When searching Youtube, she found UTTB and as a shake up to her routine, began doing Gina B’s dance workouts. The combination of dancing and walking was her sweet spot! Not needed to really LOSE weight, Irene joined the tribe to feel fitter and gain muscle tone. She is an active member in the community and often shares photos she takes during her beautiful walks and runs.


"Have fun and celebrate every small victory!"

Iris’s #upBEattribe Journey

Why did you start your health journey?

I’ve always liked dancing workouts but wasn’t consistent with going to the gym. After I lost my dad to cancer I realised I needed to step things up and get more serious about staying healthy. I started with going walking every day but needed a plan B for our long cold winter. That’s when I discovered Gina on YouTube. It was exactly what I needed!

How did you find UTTB and what impact has it had on your health journey?

When winter arrived I couldn’t continue walking outdoors every day and I searched YouTube for indoor walking workouts. I found some, but YouTube then suggested I try Up to the Beat dance/walk workouts. Perfect combo for me!

My Favourite #upBEattribe Workout?

Hard to pick just one, but probably the 80’s workout!

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