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1% Change MEthod (because it’s all about YOU!)


Small changes add up. Change is as much as reflecting on current habits and what you have done as well as looking to the future. If you could do something just 1% better than yesterday to help you get closer to your goals, what would it be?

Well you CAN! All you need to do is to start now, start thinking about what you can do better tomorrow. Start to think about the small things that will add up to the big CHANGE you want to make, or that will add up to your BIG end goal, and put it into action.

It’s all about the little changes that add up to make the big change. It’s not a fad diet or a juice cleanse where you ultimately end up reversing any good that was done and having to start from scratch again. Thinking “what can I do better tomorrow” and implement that will get you just that 1% closer to your goal every day.

This is the signature Gina B method guys! You won’t find it anywhere else. Combining all of my core beliefs (small steps, portion control, 80/20, movement), the 1% Change Method works as a sustainable, realistic, long-term approach to weight loss. Making small, realistic changes adds up to BIG changes in the end. This method also is about realising what movement you love and DOING that! Instead of, for example, going for a run, hating every minute, and never going again (ME!!!) find movement you love and stick with it! When you find something that makes you happy and gives you a solid sweat sesh, that is the key to making it a long-term lifestyle choice.

When I had to begin my weight loss journey (over 25lbs), I began to implement small changes to my everyday. I also paid very close attention to how my food was tying in to how I was FEELING to try and separate them - it’s not food that is the enemy here! People eat (and don’t eat) for various emotional reasons - untying these connections will be so, so important to your weight loss journey.

There are SO many ways to change your life guys, bit by bit. Some of the 1% changes that I have made that are super easy to implement into your daily life?

1% CHANGES I HAVE MADE (and you can too!)

  1. Bring an apple to work as a snack so you’re not tempted by biscuits
  2. Having ice cream in a cup instead of a cone
  3. Instead of having scrambled eggs at cafes, Iswapped to poached eggs in
  4. Swapped my normal latte for long black
  5. I got up 15 minutes earlier to prep meals for the day 
  6. Set a step goal and I began to walk a minimum of 8K steps per day or more
  7. Lift one more rep than the day before
  8. Go up a kilo or half kilo in weights
  9. Packing lunch instead of buying lunch
  10. Sometimes I cut up vegetables so I have them on hand for snacking or roasting
  11. Adding one extra green vegetable to my meal
  12. Drinking an extra glass of water or waking up and drinking 1 glass in morning
  13. Going to sleep 15 minutes earlier or ½ hour earlier
  14. Saying no to sometimes which means yes for something else
  15. Choosing Greek yogurt over strawberry yogurt
  16. Going from Coke to Diet Coke
  17. Opting for a vodka soda instead of vodka orange juice

I went from taking the bus for 10 minutes to work, to walking to work. When 3pm rolled around, I made the conscious choice to stop eating my daily caramel treat and begin eating an apple instead. I also realised that boredom played a huge factor in the way I was eating during the day, so I made the decision to surround myself with healthy foods and snacks so that I wasn’t tempted to eat sweets or buy lunch. See how the little conscious decisions I began to make could add up to the big change, the end goal? Sometimes the end goal can also be a work in progress but you know you are definitely getting there, 1% by 1%.

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