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3 Things You Need to Start Your Weight Loss Journey NOW!

If you’re reading this blog then it’s likely you’ve decided it’s time to set some health goals for the New Year. Maybe you’ve been on a health journey for some time now, but not quite hitting your desired results and actually just want some clarification to ensure you’re on the right track. Whatever the case, I am about to tell you the three strategies to achieving goals that I wish someone had told me when I first started on my fitness journey. This isn’t your generic “set SMART (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, and timely) goals” type of advice because you probably already know what goal you have and when you want to achieve that by. These three things will actually get you to start now instead of just talking about it and will provide you with actionable strategies that you can do TODAY. Ok I can feel the anticipation rising so let’s jump into the good stuff… 



Get your mindset right and BELIEVE in your abilities. We often let self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk get in our way which can sometimes even stop us in our tracks before we’ve even begun. While believing in your abilities is important there is a second piece of the puzzle which I believe is just as, if not more powerful. That second part is taking action.  Physically starting just one thing, whether it’s just moving your body for five minutes is usually what affirms our beliefs that we CAN actually achieve our goals. The reason why we find it hard to believe in ourselves in the beginning is because of the fear of failure. I say this often, but you can’t fail unless you quit, so as long as you are actioning any small activity, you’re making progress! Once we actually start seeing results or feeling like we’re making progress our belief in ourselves and our abilities will actually get stronger. That’s why first believing in yourself but also taking action is the key to getting that ball rolling.



So you’ve got your big goal set out in front of you and you know you need to believe and start actioning but you’re still wondering, where do I even start? Maybe your goal is weight loss, or to run a certain distance, or to do 10 push-ups. No matter what goal you have, and I honestly believe this to be true in anything in life, you need to take small steps and concentrate on biting off small chunks before you reach the ultimate goal. If you know me you know I love a good analogy 😜 so think of it like this… Before a baby learns to walk it must first crawl until it’s ready to take its first steps. They may be a little wobbly at first but with practice and consistency, they’re running in no time! What could you start off doing right now? This is what I like to call picking the lowest hanging fruit. 

  • If you want to run 5kms by June, start with Jogging for 5 minutes now 
  • If you want to be able to lunge holding 5 kilo weights start by doing body weight lunges first. 
  • If you want to lose weight, perhaps start by incorporating protein in at least one meal a day, or drinking a glass of water upon waking to up your water intake.

Only you will know what is most achievable for your situation right now but if you’re still wanting some inspiration I have a small steps foundational e-book which you can get for free here that will help you know where to start.


And finally the 1% change method. This is something that I coined for my Facebook Tribe as part of one of my monthly challenges and is all about picking just one thing that you can do better tomorrow. If you consistently work on just doing 1% better than yesterday, imagine what you could achieve over 30, 60 or 90 days! Essentially you want to be building upon the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ so that each day you are making a small progression. Note I said SMALL! This doesn’t mean making drastic changes each day, it can be as small as drinking an extra glass of water each day. Work on this until it becomes a habit and then move on to a new change that you could make. Of course a health journey is not linear and there will be some days where you go backwards, and that’s ok! If you hold yourself accountable and continue to do just 1% better than yesterday you WILL start to achieve great things! 

Want to go one step further with creating small manageable habit changes? I've created a whole Challenge Series that focuses on creating new healthy habits one small step at a time. Register your interest here to be the first to know when our next round of challenges open! 

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