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An Inspiring Before and After Weight Loss Story

Personal stories are immensely inspirational. It gives us all hope that we can do it ourselves! So when one of the women from our awesome tribe reached out to me to share her personal journey to living her best life, I had to share her amazing success so far.

Even if just one person is inspired to start their own journey to better health from this story, than that will make both Danielle and I so happy! Enough from me, let's get to this amazing story and girl, Danielle.

Q: What made you want to start a journey to better health?

I have always had an issue with weight (I have PCOS). I also have always loved to walk and I have always worked out. After I had my two kids I was very overweight and decided I needed to step it up! I like to walk but live in Idaho so I can't walk outside year round. I searched walking routines and found Dance That Walk!

Q: What goals have you reached so far?

I wanted to be able to keep up with my kids and to fit into my clothes. I also wanted to be under 200 pounds (I was 245 when I started Dance That Walk). I stopped weighing myself after I got under 200 so I could focus on feeling better and not stress over a number. I was 180 last time I got weighed at the dr. I also went down 4 sizes in clothes! Now I am focussing on toning more than weight loss.

Q: Do you have a specific exercise routine?

I walk outside as much as I can. I try to workout 5 days a week and then take Saturday and Sunday off. Monday through Friday I do a Dance That Walk dvd. I have Dance That Walk, Cardio Party, Total Body, and the 10 Minute Walkouts. I just rotate through those. I love that they are fun and exciting. I also love the fact that you get a good workout but aren't sore and dead afterwards!

Q: Do you follow a way of eating or diet to help you get to your goals?

I try to eat healthy during the weekdays and cheat a little bit on the weekends. I eat some kind of protein every 3 hours. I don't do any crazy diet but do control my portions.

Q: What top tips can you share that you would give to anyone starting out on their own journey?

Don't make impossible goals. Start by making smaller goals and then make more as you achieve. Find a work out you love and will actually do. I have tons of different workout dvds and started doing them but quit after a few months because I hated it and it was like a chore. I look forward to working out now because the exercises are fun and I enjoy them. That was the key for me to stick to something and I've been doing these workouts for almost 2 years now!

Q: And finally, what's your favourite motivational quote to share with our tribe?

Do something today that your future self will be happy about!

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May 19, 2020 • Posted by Margaret

Just to say thank you. I am 70 years old and do two of your videos everyday. During this lockout your positive attitude and encouragement are invaluable.
Thank you once again.

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