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Gina B's Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Motivation At An All Time High


The last year has been one of the most difficult times for the world over and if there is anything that has been tested, it's our MOTIVATION! I'm so with you!

Gyms are closed, doors are locked and we are bound to the four walls which encompasses our new existence. You know what else I’ve found to be locked outside the front door? Drive, motivation and enthusiasm to get the lycra on and the laces tied. I get it! However, 2021 is here and while it might be a new year with the same old Covid boundaries… it’s a new opportunity to reset, change the tone, adjust your attitude and get your salsa sparking once again! 

How you ask? Here are my TOP 5 TIPS to getting your motivation back.


Find a nice park, a cute corner of the garden or even your balcony and set yourself up. Don’t have your life bound to just you living room, change up your workout environment! Getting outside not only takes you away from the stagnant environment of the house but it allows you to get some fresh air to reset your mind, vitamin D (hello added health benefits) AND by making the decision to plan an outdoor workout (or anywhere else around or in the house for that matter) will boost your motivation. 


While I love and absolutely endorse any and all forms of movement, increase your motivation and interest in exercise my spicing things up! Instead of doing the same walking workout at 12pm every. Single. Day… plan out a fun workout schedule for yourself! Add in some more variety and try one of my other power walks, HIIT, or strength videos! Make yourself excited and give yourself something different to look forward to. P.s your body will thank you too! 


If there is any opportunity to try something new, the time is now because, let’s face it… there aren’t too many new things coming along nowadays so source it yourself! Challenge yourself to push your comfort zone (even for 1 rep) or try out a new style of exercise.


There is no better way to keep accountability and get the motivation flowing than to workout with a friend! Go for a walk, dance it out or organise a workout with a friend or family member to get you up and movin’.  


Above all, remind yourself of your “why”. Know what it is that you are working out and moving to achieve and why this is important to you! Staying committed to yourself, your health and your goals and continuing, even by taking the small steps to achieve this will give keep that motivation sparking. 

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