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Sharing my 4 KEY TIPS ON HOW I overcame binge eating and emotional eating. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This is not intended to replace medical advice, but this is MY story and how I overcame it.

For years I would stuff my face in secret, hiding in my car, mostly, bingeing on all of the foods. So when I decided to change my lifestyle and habits, changing that was really crucial to my success. I was NO LONGER allowed to eat shamefully, in private. If I wanted a Big Mac meal, I had to bring it inside and eat it with my husband and my family. Eliminating SECRET EATING was key to my success.

Check out my short video below for the rest of my tips to curb emotional and binge eating! Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments in the comment section ❤️

These are practical, actionable tips that helped me and hopefully in sharing my story, you can find some useful info to help you along your journey. And if you are LOOKING for support along your journey and keen to build healthy habits with likeminded women across the globe? 💛

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Sep 29, 2020 • Posted by Lynne Gjini

Gina, I completely resonated with the need to hide treats and not eat in front of family & friends but realised that wasn’t really healthy. Its all about eating in moderation healthily and the 80 to 20 rule definitely helps in changing your mindset of how you see food by making a small step. Its not about the length of time it takes to get there, its about the journey!

May 09, 2020 • Posted by Rena

Thanks so much Gina. I am on this boat and I came to you on YouTube to get back in shape mentally, emotionally, and bodily. I was tired of being exhausted, overweight, and a hermit.

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