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My Scales Just Aren’t Budging!? 

You’re on your way, you’ve been eating right, working out, getting the steps in, the inches are coming off and you’re feeling great, there’s just one problem... the scale has NOT moved!

I get asked about this, A LOT. Let me just get this out of the way now and debunk the ever so beloved myth, muscle does not weigh more than fat. There I said it and yes, you did read correctly. Now, let me explain.

One kilogram of oranges and one kg of feathers happen to both equate to 1 kilogram. It might look different in size but it is still the same exact same amount of weight. This is the same for muscle and fat. The difference is that muscle takes up less space in the body than fat because it is less dense than fat tissue. This means you can have or develop more of it in one place if it’s replacing fat. If we go back to my initial example, the weight in that space is still the same, it’s merely the amount of muscle or fat in that location of your body that looks different. The difference is that you now have more muscle than what would be fat, filling that spot.

I get it, that disheartening feeling that overcomes you while you are working so hard to drop the pounds only to jump on the scale each morning to see nothing change.

That number is often the reason I have seen people lose motivation and eventually give up on their weight loss goals. I’m here to tell you – don’t let it be. I want to remind you that the number on the scale should not dictate if you are making progress or not, it should not dictate your success and it certainly should not dictate your worth. Instead, I love to encourage my clients and anyone I work with in my challenges to pay attention to the non-scale victories. These are all the other, just as productive ways to determine success in a weight loss journey. Things like:

 ✔️ Measurements (of your hips, thighs, stomach, legs etc...) 

✔️ How well you are fitting into pairs of pants OR if you need to drop down a size, or two 😉

✔️Progress photos 

Other amazing non-scale victories indicative of improving your health and vitality that should not be overlooked in your health journey also include: 

✔️ How well you are sleeping 

 ✔️ If your skin/ hair/ nails are growing

✔️ Increased  energy levels 

✔️ If you can make it through an entire workout or did more burpees than last week  

 ✔️ Walk from the car to the house without putting the grocery bags down

✔️ Climbing stairs and not being breathless at the end


The bottom line? Stubborn scales do not dictate success or progress. There is so much more that dictates a health and weight loss journey than just a simple number so don’t beat yourself up over it if you aren’t losing ‘x’ amount of pounds per week. Instead, stay with it, know you’ve got this and redirect your energy to those little non-scale win and making small steps towards better overall lifestyle habits. 

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