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The Key To An Amazing Weight Loss Transformation!

I want to share an email I received from a girl who had been battling with weight issues all her life, ultimately resulting in a blow to her personal health and family life goals that needed some serious life changes:

"… I knew I had to make changes to my body in order to be able to change my life. On January 01 I was in despair and started searching Amazon for DVDs to help me lose weight - and I found yours. Gina you saved me."

"I hate the gym. I hate working out, but I wake up on a morning and the first thing I do is your DVD. I haven't missed a day in months. I don't mind sweating. You make me smile and work out. It's challenging but not un-doable. And you are so positive - without being shouty or overwhelming like some instructors are. I can hear the songs in my head, throughout the day and find myself doing little moves throughout the day. I started with Dance That Walk, but the Disco DVD from Dance That Walk Cardio Party is now my favourite."

I wanted to share this inspiring journey, not as a sales tactic, but as a perfect example of how consistency is one of the key principals that I promote and is the foundation of making any successful changes in our lives. In this case, Dance That Walk was that motivator for consistency. But really, anything that you can find that puts your mind set in the right space, that you enjoy and you can stick to, will get you there! 

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