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Tips To Optimise Your Workouts During Lockdown

It's been a tough time for the world over recently. So many changes have had to be made and shifts happened in or to adjust to our new way of living mid world-pandemic! With that, our living rooms, bedrooms and any other room that deems fitting has turned from average, household spaces into make-shift gyms.

2020 surprised us all and hey 2021 isn't necessarily much different YET, but the one thing I have noticed is that many of us have learned to make the best of a bad situation and turn these 'setbacks' or 'barriers' into our favour.

One thing we refuse to be stopped, despite repetitive world-wide lockdowns... is fitness (Heck yeahh!). It's times like these that our health, both physical and mental should be cared for and prioritised more than ever. So, I am going to let you in on my top Covid tips to optimise your workouts in 2021! 


We don’t have the opportunity to walk to and from work, stations or just out and about in general the way we use to, so it's important to find time during the day to add in extra loops around the block or laps of the house to stay moving. Walk on the spot while your oats are cooking or while you’re brushing your teeth or even take your phone meetings on a little walk. 

Add in extra movement throughout your day! Every hour or 2 – stand up, dance around or do some squats in front of the home desk. I have so many 5 minute and single song workouts on my YouTube channel to help you out with this one! 


One silver-lining is people are really getting creative with activities! Go back to the days when you were a child and remind yourself of the activities you liked to play outside! Kick a soccer ball, shoot some hoops or even throw a Frisbee! Go adventuring, hiking or find a new bush trail to explore. It's an awesome opportunity to try something different.


Most studios and gyms have transitioned to delivering online and while I love being your OG virtual bestie, this is a fantastic time to try ‘that’ class or studio you’ve always wanted to check out but maybe haven’t because you didn’t have the time or confidence to do. Here is your chance! It’s also a great way to continue feeling connected and involved in a community, like my awesome Facebook Tribe, it brings back that feeling of connectedness. Most studios and gyms allow you to try an online class for less cost than if you were to do a single class in the studio- what a bonus! 


Your health and fitness should be a bigger priority and taking care of yourself and your health is so important, now more than ever. It is important to work on keeping ourselves as healthy as possible and thriving at our best to support our physical and mental health during these trying times. Remind yourself of your goals, or set yourself some and keep bringing awareness and attention to your physical and mental wellbeing! Half the time, you don’t need a gym or even any equipment to accomplish fitness and weight loss goals! 

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