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How To Meal Prep For A Healthy Diet


Let’s face it, when it comes to fitness and weight loss goals, the journey is never linear, there are so many elements and it really is a process to achieve success! In saying that, with challenge comes change and the pay-off is always worth it. 

A personal theory I have when it comes to goal setting? A Goal without a Plan is just a wish! 

If you want to reach your target and create the outcome you desire, preparation is key and your best friend to achieve this. Now, I’m not saying lay your entire week out down to the exact minute. I also don't believe in spending your weekends slaving away in the kitchen because there are WAY better things you could be doing with your time on a weekend!

I do believe that SOME preparation needs to be done though, in a way that is most accessible and realistic for your lifestyle. Even spending a couple of minutes (it can literally be 5) to look at your week or even the day ahead and review what you have on will help. It's all about finding the time to prioritise yourself AND your success! 

I always say schedule in a workout the same way you would a meeting. Food is also a crucial part on a health journey, so it's no different when planning meals wither. Plan the food you need to buy and meals you want to make that week or even for the first few days of the week.

One of my biggest hacks is to at least have components of your meals cut, cooked and ready to go. This is an absolute GAME CHANGER because it makes it SO easy to put a meal together and avoid us ravaging through the pantry and devouring everything but the kitchen sink because we haven't prepared anything in advance!

Once your goals are set, prioritise organising and planning your time, choices and meals to make this suit your lifestyle. 

At the end of the day, no time prepared is time wasted and if you are prepared you can only make good decisions to turn your goals into successes. 

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