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Is Nutrition Or Workouts Better For Weight Loss?


I’ll start by saying that both nutrition AND movement have their place but don’t worry I do have a definitive answer to this question too - read on! 

I think it’s important to first touch on exercise and the many benefits that come along with it. Working out goes WAY beyond just a tool to lose weight. It helps us to feel energised, releases endorphins, makes us feel strong and allows us to pick up shopping bags and our kids!

While exercise has all these amazing things that come with it, we equally can’t avoid the elephant in the room - we cannot outrun, or in our case outdance, poor nutrition. Ultimately if weight loss is a goal for you then it doesn’t matter how much you workout, at what time of the day, if you exercise on an empty stomach or not - if your nutrition isn’t right then you will not see results.  

In all honesty, you could do ZERO movement but focus on being in a calorie deficit and lose weight. So why bother exercising you ask? Other than all of the benefits mentioned already, moving our body helps with creating that deficit by increasing our energy output. Otherwise the amount of calories that you would be eating would be dire!

I obviously love workouts, my business was created around walking and dancing afterall! But my workouts are there so that you can find some way to move for JOY. Yes it may help you to lose weight, but that is not my main mission. 

Now I want to end by emphasising that “healthy eating” doesn’t equate to weight loss. Because you can eat too much “healthy” food too. Ultimately, calorie deficit is king but that’s not to say that quality doesn’t matter - because it’s possible to be in a deficit and living off donuts and chocolate but that’s certainly not healthy!

It’s about fitting in all the pieces of the puzzle to create that sweet spot of enjoying our movement and creating balanced nutrition which is why I work on ALL of these elements in my challenges not just one aspect. 

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