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This ONE Thing Will Help You To Lose Weight While Eating

Yes you heard that right - lose weight WHILST eating! We all know there are many components to weight loss – yes, there is the standard exercise, healthy diet and portion control BUT, there is actually more to it than that.

Now the one thing you will always hear me banging on about is the HOW. The HOW is just as important as the WHAT, especially when it comes to eating. How you eat and being mindful of your meals and your intake may seem like a smaller component but is a big factor in achieving your goals, especially when it comes to weight loss. 

The thing is, it takes time (20 minutes to be exact!) for the brain to register the body is full. It isn’t until food enters the stomach that it starts to release the satiety hormone to then feed the brain and signal its fullness. This is known as a feedback signal and one that takes 20 minutes to really kick in.

Now while I take my lab-coat off 🤣, let me explain why this is a silent but mighty factor for weight loss. When we are on the run, busy or shovelling food down our throats like there’s no tomorrow this signal to let the body know when we are truly full as oppose to when our plate is empty, is lost. Often what you think you need to eat or what you feel like actually ends up being a lot less when you are eating mindfully and really connecting with these natural cues. So in a sense, you end up eating less without counting calories purely based on the amount your body (not your eyes) truly needed. So next time you eat, take three deep breaths and then start and aim to take 20 minutes to eat that meal. 

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