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upbEATS Series: Chloe Wickman | Co-Founder, Zeenya Clothing

Welcome to upbEATS! A series where we will be celebrating FOOD with amazing women within our community from all around the world! We believe that food gets too much of a bad wrap within the fitness world and we hope that by sharing a day on a plate, with different recipes from women that inspire us that we can celebrate food and all the amazing things that it allows us to do, especially fuelling our bodies to MOVE! 

We are so excited to share with you our first inspiring human Chloe Wickman! Chloe and I met on a business course and instantly connected on our love of all things colour! I distinctively remember her vibrant energy and dedication to moving her body every day to channel all those positive vibes and set herself up for the day ahead. I absolutely loved her ethos of embracing life through colour and since meeting her, you would've seen me featuring her bright and colourful activewear on the regular! She is such an inspiration, so let's get to know a little more about the amazing Chloe!

Chloe Wickman - Co-Founder, Zeenya Clothing

Living in Mount Maunganui in New Zealand, Chloe absolutely loves being able to wake up each morning and walk along the beach. She is the proud co-founder (with her friend Sarah Mortimer) of Zeenya Clothing, where she makes limited edition colourful activewear for real women (you won't find any instagram models here!). Zeenya Clothing take pride in delivering products that bring joy and movement to the wearers. Chloe has had her company for nearly 5 years which she is incredibly excited about. She loves learning and growing through business ownership and has made incredible friends and supporters along the way.

She comes from a family of 4 including her parents and big brother and is absolutely dog crazy!! Without a dog of her own (yet!), she tries to get as much time in with her family dog as she can and is always making friends with dogs on her morning walks! She absolutely loves cooking for others with her current routine involving cooking for her best friend/new mum to twins, so not only does she get to whip up something delicious but she doubles this with epic Aunty time!!

Let's get into more about Chloe's ethos around movement and nutrition and check out her tasty day on a plate...

What movement MOVES you!?

Like I mentioned, I walk on the beach every day that I can. I'm currently training for a 10km night run in September so I'll need to do some night running soon! I am never above a kitchen dance party either. 

What’s your key ethos when it comes to nutrition?

Keep it simple - I don't always want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals. I like lots of veges and I'll generally cook enough in a meal so I have either lunch or dinner for the next day. Generally I eat vegetarian meals but I don't say no to a good cut of meat if I'm out or someone else is cooking. 

What is your ultimate go-to fun food?

Dark chocolate. Ooooo a cosy house, a red wine and some dark chocolate is the perfect winters evening. 

What is your absolute no. 1 recipe that hits the spot every time? 

Nasi Goreng!! Get the recipe here!

Day on a plate


Granola with yoghurt and berries (fresh when in season) 


Right now it's Avocado on toast. I tend to eat gluten free bread as it sits better in my tummy 


I love asian and Mexican food. My go to is Nasi Goreng and when I'm feeling inspired I make my own paste! You can find her recipe here! 


Whittakers Dark Choc! 

Where can our community find you?

Instagram and Facebook: @zeenyaclothing

Chloe's personal Instagram account: @uglyfootedcinderella 

Head to Zeenya Clothing www.zeenyaclothing.com to shop all of the amazing, VIBRANT pieces available and add some colour into your workouts!

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