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Dance That Walk

$14.95 USD

Dance That Walk
The easiest way to incorporate your 5000 daily steps in a walking workout is to always keep one foot on the floor. Keep your upper body, lower body and core engaged with a low-intensity walking base intertwined with 4 easy dance moves perfectly pulsed to the beat.
  • Our easiest low-impact walking workout

  • No equipment, just you and your smile

  • 5000 steps danced to the BEat in 45 minutes

This video was awesome for me! I am not in shape, but trying to start exercising again. I'm doing a 12 week challenge and can't get through most of those workouts. This video gave me renewed hope. I despise exercising and this was actually super fun! The instructor was very encouraging and her smile is totally contagious. Easy to follow steps that were so much fun! I never review things I buy, but I loved this so much I couldn't wait to review it.

Cary H, USA

Gina is UpBeat !! Her positivity just emanates through every workout and each live video. Her support to all of us on this journey has been amazing

Carol, Australia

I love how the videos range from a short 5min workout up to a longer, more intense workout. The support and encouragement from Gina is like having a personal trainer. She makes you feel loved and important. The tribe (oh my gosh) is so awesome and encouraging! I love working out with UpToTheBEat!

Mary, USA

I’m overweight and very unfit but was determined to stick with this dvd to the end albeit not as energetic as the ladies on the video. Fun to do, really did work up a sweat and the time went really quickly - each track is short so you don’t get bored or fed up and a variety of tempos. I have 2 more DVDs from the same range which I haven’t tried yet but if you’re not a gym or class person but like to exercise with a bit of music and instruction, this is a great way to get active. I was so surprised how energised I felt after it - ready to do more!

Kavey, UK

Great workout dvd - low impact but you can add more emphasis to it or jump about a bit more as you get fitter. I love the dance element as I do ballroom dancing and the mix of different music is really good. It is a great one and I recommend it to people who want something a bit different to keep them fit.

Sarah Jones, UK