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Challenge 4



The next challenge launches April 12th - May 11th, 2021. SALE STARTS MARCH 20TH!


A goal without a plan is just a wish, so start making better choices everyday when your meals are planned. Meal Prep Makeover will dive into the tough (and often daunting) task of meal prepping using our small step formula to simplify the process. 

Meal Prep Makeover is not a recipe book. It’s about the process of how to simplify planning what you eat for each meal of the day. But expect some awesome go to curated options along the way!


No full days in the kitchen filling up trays and trays of food here! Instead we will run through breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks; learning how to integrate meal prep into your life. We break down each meal of the day, week by week, to create a small steps approach for healthy and sustainable meal preparation that won’t disrupt your life.

Our format is simple, each week of the 30 day challenge will focus on these themes and have an accompanying task which will require a bi-weekly email check-in and activities (via a private Facebook group) to keep you accountable.


This challenge includes weekly e-books, group support, accountability check-ins, a 30 day workout calendar and LIVE Weekly Masterclasses + Q & A with Gina B (available on replay if you can’t make the time).

We’ve built Zero2Thrive to make it as engaging as possible. We want you to be present for each and every one of these 30 days, and we are here to help you stay accountable, so you come away with a set of tools and healthy habits to last 30 days and beyond.

What you get:

  • Group weekly interactive LIVE MASTERCLASS with me, Gina B!
  • Access to a 30 day workout calendar
  • Weekly e-books exclusive to the challenge
  • Weekly check-ins with our expert health coaches to ensure accountability

We've got your back!