Up to the BEat Fitness

  • Gina B

    Gina is a dancer, through and through. From her two-decade long stint in ballroom and Latin, she has always been drawn to the beautiful marriage between music and movement, and its ability to totally immerse its dancer, so they forget about time altogether. With wins in both the US Open Youth Latin Championship and more recently, Australia’s Salsa Championships, she’s no stranger to the fiery step-based roam of this South American favourite.

    Now, Gina is a certified personal trainer with a focus on helping people achieve their best sweat through low-impact workouts. She’s committed to proving that fitness can be inclusive and accessible for all ages, fitness levels and body types. And through her dance, strength and toning workouts, nutrition advice and positive mindset support, she hopes to help women all over the world look and feel their best ever.

  • Mila B (aka Mama Buber)

    Anyone who knows Gina also knows that her love of the dancefloor is a blessing from her mum, Mila.

    Now 66, Mila is no stranger to dance fitness, once a little ballerina and part of the Ukrainian National Dancing Troupe in her hometown of Odessa.

    By the time she became a mother at age 35, Mila had put a hold on the dancing, and the weight crept on - up to 30 extra kilograms! Committed to changing her life, she threw herself into anything and everything health-related, even appearing on Channel 10’s ‘Good Morning Australia’ after experiencing success on the Gloria Marshall diet program. Kick started back into fitness, Mila fell in love with workout DVDs.

    Gina attests all of her success to Mama Buber, and thanks to her enthusiasm, support and encouragement, the team are well on their way to changing countless lives with low-impact fitness. If you ever want to catch Mila in action, you can find her at Bronte ocean pools each morning, diving into every day.

  • Helen

    Helen has been active (literally!) in the fitness industry for most of her life.

    Once a leotard-sporting instructor during the 80’s aerobics boom, she’s now an active mid-lifer who is passionate about sharing that vibrancy with others looking to get back into safe, effective fitness, too.

    Helen loves nothing more than seeing others reach optimal health, and have a load of fun while doing it. She believes low-impact, over the long-term, is the best way to continue a fit and active lifestyle.

  • Sarah

    Growing up in New Zealand, Sarah’s career in dance and fitness began as a prima ballerina, which will always have a special place in her heart.

    Now, Sarah is committed to pounding the pavement and sharing a more upBEat vibe with dance fitness that torches calories and builds lean, toned muscle.

    Sarah’s superb technique and zest for life has added a unique flair to the up to the BEat team.

  • Valeska

    Valeska is a Chilean with a natural flair for the sensuality and excitement of Latin beats.

    Her South American roots make her an excellent instructor for those who want to completely immerse themselves in the movements.

    Valeska is also an early childhood educator. When she has a second to spare, you’ll find her at a yoga class or rock climbing in a beautiful spot somewhere around the world.