Up to the BEat Fitness

At Up to the BEat Fitness, we are champions of wellBEing: encouraging women everywhere to embrace their health, feel content in who they are and live life fully, positively, with energy.

Exercise should be inclusive, enjoyed wherever you are or whatever your fitness. Our workouts are all low- impact - not low-sweat! - and designed to help you step into your best with functional movements that are fun, effective and will keep you coming back for more.

With the support from your tribe, positive mindset practices and access to world of nutrition resources at your fingertips, you don’t have to imagine what looking forward to working out feels like. Consistency is the key to a more vibrant you, and with an exercise lifestyle that’s no longer a chore… we’ll get you off on the right foot, for life.

Gina Buber is not your average fitness guru.

A far cry from the crop-top gym F45er’s peddling 50kg weights and jarring their joints with every jump, Gina is a passionate advocate for low-impact movement in creating healthy bodies and minds, no matter what age.

Once a professional dancer for Latin and ballroom of over two decades, Gina left the industry when she lost her fire for it. She didn’t feel that it was making enough of a difference in her own - and other people’s - lives.

Over the next few years, she gained more than a university degree.

Gina was 25 kilograms heavier and feeling as lost as when she’d left the dancing world. But, as chance would have it, from teaching a wedding couple ballroom and Latin for their big day - the sparks were ignited again.

Gina, slowly, got back into her fitness, losing the weight she had put on. After experiencing her own success incorporating the dances of her prior life with low-impact aerobics movements, she decided to offer the same to others in the hope it might help them, too. In 2014, the brand SMILE was born!

As it happened, women across the globe were exasperated by the jarring, high-impact routines popularised by fitness bloggers, and elated to find something that delivered the same sweat factor - safely. SMILE took off, and Gina and the team found themselves dancing in living rooms all over the world. As SMILE grew, and more people joined the revolution, Gina realised that workouts alone weren’t enough.

Her audience needed access to a tribe of others like them who they could share the journey with. They wanted nutrition help, mindset tips, and a stronger sense of community. So, with the new mission to take fitness beyond just the sweat, SMILE was rebranded to Up to the BEat Fitness in 2018!

Now? They’re stepping things up a notch, and they want YOU to come along for the ride.

By joining their tribe of committed, fun and active wellBEings, you’re giving yourself the ultimate gift, and it’s an honour for Gina and the team to welcome you.