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Dance That Walk | 10 Minute Latin Energy Walkouts

$14.95 USD

Dance That Walk | 10 Minute Latin Energy Walkouts
In a hurry or in a hotel, our 10-minute Latin Energy Walking Workout combines high-tempo beats with easy-to-follow movements to have you feeling the heat. Choose from 4 easy dance moves. Cha cha cha, merengue, flamenco or sexy salsa - so you can sizzle whenever it suits!
  • Choose a single workout, or step into all four

  • Perfect when you need to squeeze in the sweat

  • Take the work out of workout - enjoy the dance!

Thought I’d try this dvd as the thought of jumping around doing burpees and jumping jacks just was not enticing me to exercise at all! It arrived promptly and I was eager to give it a try, very easy to follow, I haven’t got the best coordination but boy did this work! I was sweating with only a few dance moves and walking action. Plus did over 6000 steps! Look forward to exercise now!

Monique Lewis, UK

I used this DVD it to boost the amount of exercise I do. It is very easy to follow and great fun - once started I really enjoyed it as it was such fun. It was bite sized workouts too so you could fit one into your day. And after just over a week combined with other exercise and healthy eating I have lost 8lb!

Tracey Francis, UK

We are in our mid-60s and my husband and I exercise to this dvd every morning. If you do just one of the 4 options, plus warm up and cool down, you are truly done in 20 minutes. We usually do two. most enjoyable exercise dvd I own.

Carolyn W, USA

I've been looking for a dance workout for ages and I love latino music. This workout is perfect. I love that it's little, short workouts which you can do when you have a few mins spare during a busy day. But I definitely felt it had worked all over. Great fun though you feel like your just having a little dance.

Mrs Julie Gray, UK

I loved that the dancing was fast so you felt like you got a good workout, but not so fast that you could not follow or keep up. Great instructions. Also nice that you have several 10 minute workouts that you can mix it up.

Marty B, USA