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Dance That Walk 2

$14.95 USD

Dance That Walk 2
Gina B is back with DANCE That WALK 2 -another motivating, energetic workout for all ages and fitness levels! Follow along to an easy, 60-minute walkout where you’ll pump out over 7500 steps! Our easy to follow steps and a mix of dancing and walking will get you moving and boost your daily step count in no time!
  • Our Signature Low-Impact Walking WorkoutNow

  • Over 7500 Steps in 1 Easy 60 Minute Walkout!

  • Sweat to the BEat, with a BRAND NEW Track List!

  • Short on time? Now With 2 x 35 minute Express Workout Options!

I love Gina's workouts and have been anxiously awaiting new ones to add to my collection. I absolutely love Dance That Walk 2 and it's so much fun to see Mila working out again with Gina and Sarah. There are three workout options included on the DVD. All of them are low-impact but they're certainly not low-energy! It's nice, too, that each of the ladies shows a different level of intensity for the movements so that I can see what works best for me. If you're new to Gina's workouts this is a great place to start. I promise you'll work up a sweat and feel fabulous!

MrsNeu, USA

Fantastic dvd for beginners and the super fit alike young and old. I can only do a little of it as I'm in poor health but my goal is to keep at it. Gina is a fab instructor and I’m a big fan of her mum Mila who I follow. If you’re looking for a good beginners dvd to get your steps in if like me you’re a stay at home person than this you won’t be disappointed with this dvd. Recommended without question.

Deborah. H, UK

Loved it! It's a fun and simple way to dance and walk without being bored!

Michelle Murphy, USA

Gina B has done it again, this dvd gets your feet tapping and your hips swaying. One hour just flies by and by the end of it you are out of breath and feel like you've had a good work out. How much effort you put in is up to you!


I absolutely love these dance that walk dvds and have them all. A fun way to get your steps in and improve your fitness!

J. Elliott, USA