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Dance That Walk | Total Body Circuit

$14.95 USD

Dance That Walk | Total Body Circuit
A unique, high-energy workout program that blends the sculpting and toning benefits of resistance exercise with the fat-shredding and core strengthening benefits of dancing. Walk yourself fit and fabulous!
  • 3 x workouts in one DVD: lower body, upper body, or step up to your best sweat with both

  • Perfect for blasting calories and toning muscle

  • Safe, low-impact muscle moves to keep you free from injury

This is a great workout. I love how you get the option of upper, lower or total (both). Plus she includes the warm up and cool down in the upper and lower sections too. Which I highly appreciate. Her warm up and cool downs are one of the best ones I have seen. Most fitness instructors seem to not spend much time on these.

Wifeandmomof3, USA

This workout is FANTASTIC! I love Gina Buber and all her dvd workouts and Youtube videos, but this one may be the best one ever. 1-8lb hand weights are recommended, but you can start without them if you are a beginner. The workout is low impact but high intensity, and you can use heavier weights to really add intensity. Gina herself is upbeat, motivating, and encouraging. I cannot say enough about her beautiful personality that shines through all her workouts! Results: I have lost over 30lbs and two dress sizes working about with Gina and healthy eating.

Heather, USA

This is a great exercise programme. It’s easy for me to do ( I have arthritis) but also challenging and enjoyable. My teenage daughter does it with me and she loves it to. You can use heavier weights to make it harder or no weights at all if you prefer. I’m so glad I bought this dvd - I can finally get back to exercising regularly. Fab if you’re worried about injury.

Mrs J, UK

A fantastic workout! Fab for all over toning whilst still keeping exercise low impact. Perfect as I have a weak back. Loved it so much I’ve purchased the other Dance the Walk DVD’s ...2/3 sessions of a variety of workouts and I’m losing 1lb a week...always a bonus to lose weight while enjoying exercise = win, win!

Helen, UK

I ordered this video to combine cardio and weight lifting. I also like the options for beginners, intermediate, and experts.This is the perfect video of you are incorporating exercise into your healthy lifestyle and don't like going to the gym! You get a full body workout!

Ms. D, USA